Who we are?


We are a non-profit organisation that brings together lawyers, graduates, law students and other legal professionals.

JURISTAS GITANOS was founded in 2016 by a group of law students from the University of Alicante, where the association is based, with the aim of providing a legal response to the needs and challenges that specifically concern the Roma people and also to share our experience and knowledge with other minority groups and professionals from both the legal field and other disciplines.

At present, the association's members and collaborators include dozens of professionals, graduates and students from all over Spain and other countries, and it has considerably expanded its areas of action: TRAINING, MENTORING, RESEARCH, LEGAL DEFENCE and SOCIAL INITIATIVE.


PROFESSIONALISM. We are lawyers and legal professionals and we rely on the tools and means that the Law places at our disposal for the fulfilment of our aims.

INDEPENDENCE. We develop our action preserving our political and ideological independence, but building bridges, in any case, with other minority groups, organisations, institutions and public administrations to achieve common goals. 

SUSTAINABILITY. We rely on our own financial resources and voluntary donations to ensure the sustainability of the organisation and our services.

COORDINATION. We are in constant coordination with other minorities, organisations, institutions and public administrations with whom we collaborate in the general interest, for the construction of a fairer and more equitable society. 

SOLIDARITY. We support our work with an extensive network of volunteers, which allows us to offer services to the community free of charge, especially to the most vulnerable groups, and thus ratify the social commitment of Juristas Gitanos.


To confront inequality, discrimination and racism through the resources and instruments provided by law.


To create a network for meeting, dialogue and support between jurists and students in the legal field in order to grow as professionals and to address, together, the legal needs and challenges that concern the Roma people. 


We believe that the Law is the best instrument for the positioning, empowerment and progress of the Romany population and other minorities, which is why we work to bring knowledge of their rights closer to the most vulnerable population and thus enable the legitimate exercise of their rights and the defence of these rights in the face of any attack. 


  • To combat inequality, discrimination and racism through the means and resources provided by law. 
  • To provide legal assistance to victims of racist or discriminatory attacks.
  • Support and provide coverage for young law students in order to facilitate their incorporation and positioning in professional practice. 
  • To create, promote and provide training resources to improve the skills and competitiveness of students and professionals.
  • To establish a space for meeting, sharing, reflection and the search for legal solutions to the needs and challenges that concern the Romany population.
  • To bring knowledge of their rights closer to the general population and, especially, to the Romany population, as well as the legal mechanisms for their defence. 
  • To promote research work in order to document and make situations of discrimination and inequality visible. 
  • To encourage, from the legal sphere, the development of social projects aimed at preventing tackling situations of discrimination, inequality or exclusion. 



Our team brings together lawyers with proven experience, students and law graduates. In this way we guarantee the best service without losing sight of our mentoring work, facilitating the development and professional projection of young people.

Volunteering is one of our main assets. Thanks to the commitment and involvement of our volunteers, we ensure the sustainability not only of our programmes and services, but also of the organisation itself.

For the definition of our internal actions and strategies we rely on a Board of External Consultants, all of whom are also volunteers, specialised in the defence of the rights of minorities in the international arena.



President and co-founder of Juristas Gitanos

Moreno Camacho


Vice-President and co-founder of Juristas Gitanos

Macías Heredia


Secretary and co-founder of Juristas Gitanos

Aguilera Moreno


Treasurer and co-founder of Juristas Gitanos

Emilio Israel
Cortés Santiago




  • 2016In 2016, Ostalinda Maya, began a round of contacts

    With lawyers in Spain with the aim of promoting the organisation and creation of a network of legal professionals that could respond to the challenges and needs of the Roma people.
  • 12.2016In December of the same year

    A group of lawyers from different European countries - Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Macedonia, Hungary and Spain - went on a study trip to the USA in order to learn about the work of the main lawyers' organisations specialising in the defence of minority rights.
  • 2017In 2017, the Asociación de Juristas Gitanos is constituted

    As a university association based at the University of Alicante. The founding members are four students from the same university, Sara Macías, Fabiola Moreno, Pilar Aguilera and Emilio Israel Cortés. Our priority is to facilitate the incorporation of young students into the legal profession.
  • 2018In 2018, the association makes its official presentation

    It begins its activity, still in the university environment, with the celebration of the I Conference on Hate Crimes at the University of Alicante, with the collaboration of the Federation of Roma Associations, the Chair of Roma Culture and the Student Council of the University of Alicante.
  • 2019In 2019, it is developing its first project with the support of Open Society Foundations

    LAW4Roma, aimed at training and raising awareness of the Roma population on Hate Crimes, in order to promote and facilitate the reporting of discriminatory and racist attacks.
  • 2020In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic and in the face of increasing inequality.

    Discrimination among the Roma population, the 1st National Meeting of Roma Lawyers was held and the association spreads nationally and connects with other international lawyers' organisations.
  • NowThe association currently has more than 50 members and collaborators.

    They have allowed us to expand our lines of action and our services to the community, always aimed at defending the rights of the Roma people and the fight against discrimination and racism suffered by minorities.
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